Exceptional transport

Loads until 108 tons


If we have to describe the core business of All Exeptional in three words, it would be exceptional machine transport. We don’t flinch when it comes to machines with exceptional dimensions. Our expertise and modern fleet makes us your perfect logistic partner for the transport of oversized machines.

All Exeptional is your specialist in transport, both national and international. Our experts outline your project from A to Z, with consideration of special routes, accessibility and permits.

Oversized indivisible loads

Nowadays, many containers, swimming pools, silos, ovens, … contain exceptional sizes which makes it more difficult to organise a transport. With our years of expertise we are always able to provide a tailor-made solution.


We transport your beams, overhead cranes, … with adapted material such as dollies, extendable trailers, lowloaders, … Your materials are always in safe hands during the transport and while loading and unloading, thanks to our professional approach.


In addition to transport machines, we also transport constructions and indivisible loads. We organise all your outsized construction with – of course – the necessary professionalism. Not a single indivisible load that is too big for us.

Own Pilot car service

Combinations get longer, higher, bigger and heavier because of their construction. To bring these loads safely to their destination, we have several escort vehicles driven by certified, experienced pilots that are on the road 24/24h. Thanks to our knowledge of the road networks, we can guide these kings of the road safely to their destination. We also have all of the necessary know-how on laws and permits for exceptional transport, in-house. (License nr 18.1267.06)